For visiting Turkmenistan it is necessary to have an entry visa issued by a Turkmen diplomatic legation. For its obtainment it is necessary to have a passport with a minimum period of validity of six months from the date of departure, to produce in original with a special form properly filled up and a recent passport-size photograph. For the ob-tainment of a touristic visa the submission of a letter of invitation issued by a Turkmen touristic agency and of a voucher attesting the booking of hotel services can be required.
Since in Italy there are not Turkmen diplomatic legations, Italian citi-zens can apply to General Consulate of Turkmenistan in Paris.
The cost of visa is 20 US$ for stays till ten days, 30 US$ for stays till 20 days and 40 US$ if the stay is prolonged till a month. For longer periods further adjustments of the fees to pay for the obtainment of the visa are provided. The transit visa, issued only if you have the visa of the country of destination, costs 20 US$.
It is possible to visit the country also with a visa obtained by means of an invitation of a Turkmen organization previously authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country. It is however a quite complicated procedure, advisable only if you are going to Turkmeni-stan for work reasons.

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