Nowadays there are no diplomatic legations of Turkmenistan in Italy. Therefore in case of need it is necessary to apply to General Con-sulate of Turkmenistan in Paris. Its address is:

       General Consulate of Turkmenistan

       rue Picot, 13 F                                            Tel. 0033.1.47550536
       75116 Paris                                                 Fax 0033.1.47550568

In the same way there are no Italian diplomatic legations in Turk-menistan. Similarly, in case of need, it is advisable to apply to Gene-ral Consulate of Italy in Moscow, whose address is:

      Consolato Generale d'Italia

      Denezhnyj pereulok, 5                              Tel. 007.095.7969691
      120002 Moskva                                           Fax 007.095.2539289

For information of commercial character and in general for obtaining assistence in carrying on economic activities in the country it is pos-sible to apply to:

    Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan

    B. Kariev, 17                                                Tel. 00993.12.354594
     744000 Ashgabat                                       Fax 00993.12.355381

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