Situated on the banks of the river Amudarya not far from the Uzbek border, Turkmenabat, originally Chardzhou, was founded in 1886 du-ring the construction of the Transcaspian railway line, connecting till today Turkmenbashi, on the shores of the Caspian sea, to Tashkent, in the heart of Central Asia. Its role of railway junction and the high fertility of the region, crossed by the valley of the river Amudarya, made it rapidly the major trade centre of agricultural products in the northest region of the country. Afterwards the city increased still more its economic importance with the construction of the railway line con-necting it to Dashoguz, in the north of the country, and with Kungrad, in Uzbekistan. The city, that at the moment has about 194,000 inha-bitants, is nowadays the seat of some food and textile industries. The cotton and silk factories of great importance process the raw ma-terials produced in the region.

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