Turkmenistan.it is the result of a research project started in the first months of 2002 with the object of offering an agile and dynamic in-strument aimed at favouring the knowledge of this fascinating coun-try in Italy. The extraordinary richness of its natural resources and the remarkable potentialities of economic development make it to-day a very interesting destination for international investors, who mo-re and more often turn their attention to this area. Last years the Italian presence has also rapidly increased and Italy has become one of major commercial partners of Turkmenistan. Up to now, anyway, the shortage of reliable and updated direct sources of information, often available only in Turkmen or in Russian, is a real limit for a further development of economic and commercial relations with Turk-menistan. We wish the result of our work would be a contribution for the overcoming of these difficulties and for the discovery of the great opportunities offered by Turkmenistan. Welcome on turkmenistan.it!

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