The high rates of economic growth of last years and the evident po-tentialities of a further growth connected with the development of the exportations of gas and oil make Turkmenistan an ideal destination for international investors constantly in search of new opportunities of investment. The extraordinary richness of its natural resources, with a particular reference to the sector of hydrocarbons, grant in fact a constant flow of hard currency which is feeding a process of renewal of all main infrastructures of the country and a phase of particular de-velopment of the building sector. New modern buildings are erected in Ashgabat and in other main cities of the country, while at the same time new motorways and railways are realized and the port infrastruc-tures of Turkmenbashi, the main port in the country, are entirely re-newed.
In order to contact Turkmen commercial partners it is possible to visit our section made in tm, in which some Turkmen companies propose their best products made in Turkmenistan destined for exportation.
Another important opportunity of contact with local companies is constituted by fairs that take place at the Central Exhibition Hall Expocenter of Ashgabat, the main fair centre in the country. For the operators of the sector of hydrocarbons, in particular, it is recommen-ded to participate in TIOGE - Turkmenistan International Oil and Gas Exhibition, entirely dedicated to the news concerning the sector of gas and oil.

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